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Gift ideas

Gift ideas

We know, choosing the perfect gift for the occasion can be daunting! We want our gifts to be both meaningful and useful, so we consider these gifting ideas:

 1. Gift problem solvers!

 When it comes to giving the perfect gift, some may put too much pressure on how much to give versus what to give. So when choosing the perfect gift, pick something the receiver can solve a problem with while also showing your thoughtfulness.

Examples of problem fixers could include:

Fixing small inconveniences - Help the social butterfly receiver keep pre-party jitters at bay with these handy stain removing towelettes! 

Reduce waste - Add in these reusable ceramic mugs and reduce the use of unnecessary plastic! You’ll get a big thank you from the receiver and the planet.

Prevent Boredom - Send this nature inspired meditation deck for a well deserved dose of mindfulness! 

2. Read between the lines!

Before choosing a gift, pay attention to the details. The receiver may have casually mentioned something on their Wishlist or a problem they want to solve! That’s where you come in, to send a custom gift that means a lot to them!

But what if this gift is for a distant relative or new friend? Great question. Sometimes we find ourselves gift shopping for someone we may not know that well.

Here are a few things to do:

Consider where they live. What could be meaningful or helpful based on their environment, trends, or the weather where they live!

Ask people who are close to them for suggestions/gift ideas!

Stalk their social media! You are very likely to find a main interest they have that can be applied to the perfect gift!

With these tips, finding the perfect gift will go much smoother!

3. Keep in mind, the thought does always count…

When we’re choosing the perfect gift, we can get caught up with finding the most lavish and luxury gift, but that may not always be relevant to the receiver. The thought really does count.

The desire to spend time and thought on a gift is what is the most meaningful.

When you apply the above tips of solving a problem, paying attention to detail, and being thoughtful, giving the perfect gift can very well be a breeze!

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