Welcome to giftmix - Giftmix

Welcome to giftmix

Welcome to giftmix

We’re so happy to have you!

To celebrate our website launch, we decided to share some background on Giftmix, why we’re here!

What started out as an idea, has evolved into helping you curate the perfect gift for any occasion.

Giftmix is your one-stop shop for gifts. You can send custom curated gift boxes, delivered directly to the recipient. Shop pre-curated gifts or customize your own gift box. Our gifts are customizable for personal and corporate gifting.

A female founded gifting company, Giftmix began with a single vision — to help spread joyful moments through thoughtful gifting. With this vision, its founder realized that while there were plenty of gift shops that she loved to visit, she wanted something more!

After spending months developing the perfect visuals for our gift collection, we’ve created the perfect gift your recipient cannot wait to receive! Our team works with your favorite small businesses to curate the custom gift boxes of your dreams.

Whether you shop Giftmix's ready-to-ship curated gift boxes or build a custom gift box, we have the perfect gift for everyone, and any occasion.

We can’t wait to see your customized gift boxes!