Repurposing your gift boxes

Repurposing your gift boxes

Repurposing your gift boxes

With the holidays over (but never the only time for giving) you may have a handful of gift boxes lying around, waiting to be repurposed into a new fun project...

When getting organized around the house, instead of going out to buy new boxes and containers, we’ll be sharing ways you can use gift boxes as an alternative.

Here are simple ways you can reduce waste by reusing Giftmix gift boxes and even the ones you may have received during the holidays. Yes to waste reduction! Who doesn't want that?

1. Storing jewelry or cosmetic products.

Use some of the smaller gift boxes to add in all of your cosmetics or for keeping your jewelry in one place - in a designated drawer, or under your bathroom cabinet for easy organization. Never lose a hair tie again!

2. Guest room toiletries.

When having guests over, use your Giftmix box as a place to keep your hotel soaps and lotions you never used! This can add a lovely touch to your guests' visit.

3. All your stationery in one place.

Keep your pens, paper clips, erasers, sticky notes, etc. in one designated place. You will always know exactly where to find a specific stationary item when you need it! No more countless trips to the office store for more pins when you swear you just bought a pack.

4. Create your own gift!

Since you received a gift in your lovely Giftmix box, pass it on with a special gift for a loved one! Save them for a birthday or a nearby holiday and add your own touch to it! 

We hope you get to reuse your Giftmix boxes in one of these fun ways! Have any other repurposing ideas to share? Share it with us on our social media! 


Happy gifting!