The Vision

Little Beginnings

Once upon a time, Giftmix was born on a far… far away island. It was called Long Island, and it lies off the coast of New York.

Giftmix began with a single vision β€” to help spread joyful moments; one gifting moment at a time. With this vision, its founder realized that while there were plenty of gift shops that she loved to visit, she wanted something more!

The idea behind it all was simple: with a selection of unique practical gifts, cute and sustainable gift packaging options, and an aesthetically pleasing online presence, Giftmix would become the one-stop shop for all gift-giving occasions.

Fueled by Passion

Our Why

Our founder has always had a love for gifting. What she didn't know was that a passion for giving would lead her here.

"When our second child was born sleeping, the world around us seemed to pause. Nothing made sense in that surreal moment.. Yet amongst this tragedy, bright sparks of joy was found in an unexpected place - the thoughtful gifts from loving friends and family. From those small but meaningful tokens emerged Giftmix - a testament of finding pockets of joy in the most unexpected places.."

- Founder, Giftmix.

Revolutionizing Gifting

How we do it

Giftmix offers a modern and seamless gifting platform to easily find and send thoughtful gifts.

We offer the perfect gift to appreciate people and moments - from celebration to simple spontaneity, and everything in between.

Each gift is carefully arranged in our simple yet elegant gift box; not to mention your heartfelt personal message for that added thoughtfulness that we strive for.

With our wide selection of gifts to reflect a variety of recipients' interests, we provide the opportunity to give a truly special gift that creates treasured memories for years to come.

Our Promise

With an eye for detail, we promise to provide you with the most exceptional gifting experience that delights both the giver and the recipient. Whether you are gift shopping for personal or business, we want to make sure you are delighted with the final results.

Joy in Giving


Life throws us curveballs, and finding comfort and solace during these times can often feel like an overwhelming task.

Therefore, we have decided to donate a portion of our profits to organizations that provide assistance for families impacted by the loss of a child.

We believe that no family should have to walk through this tragedy alone.

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